Calories In Calories Out

We had a couple of long workouts so I’m thinking these might change the pace…. a little. Go after each Couplet hard and make them short and quick workouts. There is no rest between the two, but you get to choose which pair you’d like to start with. Also, we will have to change between using the rower and the Assault bike so if you avoid one or the other, but each class will collaborate amongst yourselves using what we have. So, if a rower isn’t available you GET to use the beloved AD Bike. I actually like these better….. just saying.

1st Of May Year 2019

Push Press – 4×3

Split Jerk – 4×3

3 Rounds for time:
20cal Row/ 15cal AD
15 Burpee Box Jumps

3 Rounds for time:
20cal Row/ 15cal AD
10 Power Snatch @135/95

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