Do you recall running into a person and just connecting.  Something makes it easy to relate to this person for a reason you can’t just put your finger on… but it’s there.  I find it enjoyable, satisfying, easy actually, but also necessary to talk to people.  Our Legend of the Month is one that inspires by the echoes of her examples and conversations.  She PR’d her snatch earlier this year from taking a substantial time off but came back with a goal, and was focused!!  She Double PR’d her back squat when we maxed out.  She changed her eating and takes her health seriously… but I can tell she still lives her live… meaning she still has fun!  She too, like Bart, came in from one of our challenges and I just respect the HECK out of that!  She makes her one hour that is for herself and brings her son in (which is going to be a BEAST!) and plans to bring her other.  They must see what a strong mother, leader, and ideal example she is.  You can have the craziest conversations with her and feel no judgement what so ever. I honestly have no idea how any of you mothers out there do it.  I want to name all the amazing women I see day in and day out, but I want to keep this to honor Erica Reeves!!  You truly are amazing and noticeably I admit, I find it remarkable.  You came in hungry to progress and made it happen. The leaps you’ve made in such a short amount of time is incredible!  There are days I work out with the 630 class and I honestly cannot keep up with you…. and I’m thinking to myself, “What are you taking?! I want two!!”  You are getting after it and I am so impressed, and proud, and hope to continue doing what you have been doing… because it is worth noting and honoring… because it is admirable.

7th Of May Year 2019

Back Squat
4×5 @75%+ 1RM
3×1 10 sec pause squat @75%

Power Clean and Jerk @135/95
Bar-Facing Burpees

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