I heard a neurologist say once that one of the most important things for a child to learn is to learn how to read.  This is important so they can learn how to do other things.  It is absolutely a significant part, if not “The” significance, of the foundational structure of someone’s learning curve.  I never could read very well.  I would get embarrassed when I was in school and was called to read part of what ever the class was reading that day.  I never did that well in school,  and I saw how easy some of my friends breezed through high school and college.  I’d like to say that movement is just like that.   A BASIC skill set that you use to learn other skill sets.  For example, you learn what the Hollow Body is, and once you understand it well enough you can apply it… to almost everything!  Pull-Ups, jump rope, running, lifting, and even burpees.  I believe I can write a book about foundation and how important it is, but not to make this too lengthy, I think above all, I am a movement person.  I love movement.  I love seeing it.  I love analyzing it, and I love making it better.  Progress tends to be a ladder.  A stair case if you will.  You get better and you take a step higher.  What people tend to forget is that staircases go both ways… they go up, annnnnnd they go down.  I think that is significant.  To better yourself, many times, we have to take a step of two down, to establish, or maybe just revisit the basic.  I’m writing this right now inside my home.  The temperature is 70 degrees and I am enjoying an oreo or two.  I am looking at the house and realize something you can’t see.  You can’t see the foundation.  It’s there.  It was established long before the paint goes on, before the appliances are put in that we use, before my tv was set up (I love tv), and before you make it yours by putting up pictures and the people that mean the most to you in this world.  The foundation gets set first, and supports everything there after.  How you do anything is how you do everything…. and movement again, is the same.  If you chicken wing your muscle ups, and that shoulder on that same side starts to hurt, well… it’s probably time to take one of those steps down, and revisit the foundation of that movement.  This week identify what your inefficiency/inefficiencies may be and work on them.  When you find one, and there is one (haha), address it.  This is a good thing because after you highlight it, understand it, you can improve, and BOOM!  You’re better!

9th of January year 2019 
10 Mins of:
Dumbbell Thrusters (50/35)

**Rest 5 mins

10 Mins of:
Dumbbell Power Cleans (50/35)

Hit these Hard!!! It’s only 10 mins so your intensity (your pace in this case) should be higher than normal. Like sprint to the finish line pace! And 5 minutes between workouts should be adequate time to replenish, reset, and be ready to smash the second!

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