Go Colts!

It’s Friday Funday people!  NFL playoffs, burgers, and ordering gym equipment.  I’m pretty set!  I’m hoping Indianapolis takes down Kansas City for that one Chiefs fan out there… I’m joking it’s looking to be a pretty good game.  Let me know who you think is going to take that “W” or if your team is playing this weekend too.

So tomorrow’s workout is one that I’ve done many variations of when I tore cartilage in my wrist several years ago.  Anything you do with a barbell you can do with dumbbells or kettlebells, if not even more!  Dumbbells are great when your coming from wrist issues or an injury but not quiet ready to get back onto a barbell.  Sometimes the greater torque your wrist undergoes on a barbell can be hard for the wrists to tolerate, so using dumbbells is a great substitution/modification.  I also like them because of the unilateral stability and control it takes to use the DB’s because it is more dynamic than a barbell.  The barbell is great and is, by design, more efficient therefore, more weight and speed can be utilized, but changing the modality by changing the object being used is a great benefit to the value of various in training.

11th of January year 2019 
HBBS 3 x Max Effort
Option 1 95/65
Option 2 135/95
Option 3 185/135
Option 4 225/155
So they weight is going to be prescribed with 3 options. Don’t think of these as scaled weights growing to more elite weights. Anyone can easily do both ends of the spectrum here and still come out with big benefits. The lighter you go the increasingly more weight you should be doing, the heavy you go well, theoretically fewer reps. Challenge yourself either way The objective, if you will, is to test your “will.” to past the point of discomfort and in a twisted way welcome it. When this happens efficiency is not just Key but a necessity to perform optimally. As you begin to fatigue focus on you breathing and of the acceleration coming out of the bottom of the squat. Make the change of directions of your squat a major change in gears (think like changing gears in your vehicle) so it needs to happen rapidly. Take a big breath in creating huge amounts of tension at your core and making your entire back as rigid as possible and exploding up, and then breathe again at the top.

With dumbbells complete the sequence of:
9 Deadlifts
7 Hang Power Cleans
5 Push Jerk

Oh and it’s 10 rounds of the 3 movements so storm through it! There will be a nice weekend that’ll follow it so smash today.

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