Play Time

Just a reminder that the 6am class is back on the schedule!  For those early birds I will see you tomorrow!

Most of you have played dodgeball for warm up.  Since our old balls are gone I got new ones!  We’ll play Wednesday since Tuesday misses some of the classes.  On another note, David has been on a thruster kick where he does an EMOM 10 once a week with thrusters…. the cool part is that the reps and the load change every time.  If anyone wants to join in on that fun, we’re gonna do this on Thursday’s during Open gym.  It’ll be “fun.”  Also, I’ll be programming some performance training a few times a week starting next week.  It’ll be available to everyone and is still scalable.  I’ll have more info on that later.  I hope to have the big equipment shipment in by then, but either way we’ll start that.  ONE MORE ANNOUCEMENT!  I want to plan a big pot luck to celebrate the New Year and all of you kind folks!  I’d like for as many people to attend so everyone can mingle and get to know people outside your “go to” class.  My favorite class is all of them…. is that corny?  I want to plan for the 19th of this month.  Let me know if that day interferes with other obligations but I hope to do it soon.  There’s also a ton of birthdays recently and this month, so if it’s yours, or someone you know, let me know and we can have something special for all these birthday boys and girls during the potluck.

8th of January year 2019
A)Overhead Squats – 4×4
B)Bulgarian Split Squats – 4×8 (8 each leg)
C)1 Min L-Hold

18 Toes to Bar
18 Overhead Walking Lunges with weight plate (45/25)
18 Hand-Release Push-Ups
8 Wallcrawls

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