Steel, Rubber, and More

Tomorrow we’ll be getting our big shipment! Barbells, bumper plates, medicine balls, bands, kettlebells and more. I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting, which seems like a favorite movie that you are just waiting to get to the good part. One thing I will say, and will be reinforced, is to be courteous to the new equipment. Everything is new so it works just fine, the main piece being the GHD machines. They work very well and let’s try to keep them working well. There is a red knob that you turn until loose, and THEN you pull to adjust the length. If it isn’t moving right away don’t go to gorilla pulling it after you snorted your pre-workout. Keep turning, and then gently pull to find your own setting. If you are not sure about adjusting it, ask your coach and we’ll rush over and help. I really like the Titan GHD machine, so if it is in good shape I want us to eventually have four of them. Some odd and end things will come in, here and there, and you’ll still see new toys come in for awhile. Another, are the barbells and plates. Please do not drop the bars, but set them down on the ground… same with the plates. I think the plates take a big beating, so let’s be gentle when setting up for a workout that we don’t drop them flat… they are not made for that. They are though, made to be dropped vertically, so drop away when they are on a barbell. I’m a little hesitant dropping the 10’s, so let’s plan on setting those down too even on a barbell for now and see how these new HG bumpers hold up.

Now that that’s out of the way, tomorrow be mix of some skill work and more carido! Let’s keep it light today and move quickly through this one while the new steel find their place for Tuesday.

14th of January year 2019
3 Rounds Alternating movements of:
A. 12 Parallette Pass-throughs
B. 10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Row (10 per side)
C. 8 Muscle-Ups

If you got a weight vest… wear it!! If you don’t have one, but want to rig something up, more than likely you have an old back pack, either fill it with a few bags of rice or put a plate in it!
20 Mins of:
40 Double Unders
30 Air Squats
20 Dumbbell Push Press
10 Burpees (with 2 Push-Ups at the bottom)

“OH yea. If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.”

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