El Rey

This one hurts. RIP Vicente Fernandez.  Him and his son Alejandro were the first concert I ever went to.  My parents took me and my sisters when they came to El Paso when we were young.  I’ll never forget how he lowered the microphone as far away as he could and held a note…. and … More El Rey

Tis The Season

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is feeling the holiday season vibes.  Tis the season for family and friends!  Thank you all that came and made our little holiday Potluck a lot of fun!  We got to see some old friends (Hi Dora and Veva!!) and got to meet some new ones.  I’ve … More Tis The Season

Friday Funday

Happy Friday everyone.  See you all tomorrow and hope to see you at the Christmas Potluck this Saturday at 5pm! 10th Of December Year 2021 Strength Push Press 10-8-6-6-4-4-2-2-2 Conditioning AMRAP 16 10 Bench Press @155/105 15 Ballslams 10 Burpees 25 Wallballs

Announcements x3!

A couple tough days calls for a change of pace…. you guys are animals!  A good ‘ol classic “Annie” is always a good feel workout.  Reminder about our Christmas Potluck this Saturday at 5pm.  Bring your plus one aka DD.  See you all tomorrow. Oh, I also have some super slick butter knives for sale.  … More Announcements x3!


Tomorrow our workout is antagonistic to today’s ascending rep scheme.  Let’s see how far down, in this case how fast, the rabbit hole goes!  Which pill would you take?  P.S. I just really wanted to reference The Matrix because I can’t wait to watch the new movie.  The Matrix changed my life…. or did it?!?! … More Copperheads

Friday Repeat!

We had some outstanding workouts come out of the Hat on Friday!  I really enjoyed all of these and loved watching everyone get after it!  I like them sooo much that tomorrow, I want to repeat 5am’s session.  This workout even had a couple others tell me they thought it was a good one and … More Friday Repeat!

Christmas Gala!

Happy birthday to one of the OG of OG’s… I hope you have a superb birthday Delilah! The mornings are always better when Delilah walks in with a big smile. CFLOTW wishes you a very happy bday and I hope you find every happiness in your day. We didn’t do From The Hat in November.  … More Christmas Gala!

Keeping Variance

A quick note on tomorrow’s workout.  The first set of Intervals has our Snatches from the hang.  Both Sets have an Oly lift, so I wanted to have one from the hang and the other a normal lift, from the ground.  We all like some ‘ol cleans, so I like the snatches for tomorrow to … More Keeping Variance