Christmas Gala!

Happy birthday to one of the OG of OG’s… I hope you have a superb birthday Delilah! The mornings are always better when Delilah walks in with a big smile. CFLOTW wishes you a very happy bday and I hope you find every happiness in your day.

We didn’t do From The Hat in November.  In October, we did a different take of our monthly traditional first Friday of the month workout by having you guys create your own workout for your own class… I really likes that one, it was actually one of my favorites to date.  Tomorrow we’ll get back to traditions by doing our good ol’ fashion pick from that old hat!  See you all tomorrow!

One more thing!  Our Christmas Gala, as I am calling it, will be December 11th!  Save the date!  It’ll be an evening gathering giving everyone a chance to do there normal weekend stuff earlier that day, so our event will begin at 5pm.  As a reminder from the last post about the “Dress To Impress” Gala, bring your favorite dish…. bring something that you want to share with the gym… a side dish, your favorite desert (Mmmmmm!), an entree, drinks!  I will be in my Batman costume will the rest of my left over Halloween candy.

One more thing!  If you are wanting to participate in the White Elephant, let’s make the price limit to a wrapped 200 dollar item.  Sorry, typo, 20 dollar item.

3rd Of December Year 2021

“From The Hat!”

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