El Rey

This one hurts. RIP Vicente Fernandez.  Him and his son Alejandro were the first concert I ever went to.  My parents took me and my sisters when they came to El Paso when we were young.  I’ll never forget how he lowered the microphone as far away as he could and held a note…. and with the entire colosseum empty seated because every person was on their feet screaming and cheering, you could hear Vicente’s note he carried over everyone.  I’ve never seen that done anywhere else.  They performed way over the time they were suppose to as, I am assuming their manager, kept coming onto the stage and telling them that they had to stopped the concert.  He let the audience know what they were telling him and asked everyone if he could keep singing, and with a standing ovation, an enthusiastic crowd demanded more.  He sang for over an hour more with his son.  Rest In Peace King of Rancheras.  You will be missed.  Que Dios lo bendiga ❤

14th Of December Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
8 Bent Over Rows
8 Turkish Sit-Ups
30 Sec Flutter Kicks w/ Overhead Bias
2 Min GOAT Training

4 Rounds Of:
350m Row
15 Box Jumps
20 Shoulder To Overhead @75/55 or 105/80
15 Sumodeadlift High Pulls @75/55 or 105/80

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