Tis The Season

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is feeling the holiday season vibes.  Tis the season for family and friends!  Thank you all that came and made our little holiday Potluck a lot of fun!  We got to see some old friends (Hi Dora and Veva!!) and got to meet some new ones.  I’ve heard a lot about Yami’s husband to be, and it was a joy to get to meet him.  Speaking of a season for family and spending a more abundant time with them…. I FINALLY get to announce on this platform a much anticipated announcement…. more of a congratulations.  Jazzy and Luis are expecting a new member of the family… a future MVP of the Cisneros I can only assume.  I have only my best hopes, prayers, and wishes for your growing family.  Those two are going to be amazing parents and will bring a great individual into this world.  I think this is really the start Jazz and Luis…. a new season, year, and chapter that will, I feel, be more of the “Main Story” of your journey that we get here on Earth.  Jazzy will also continue to be coming to the gym to workout… I cut my fingernails too short and the world as I know it is over!  That’s why Jazzy couldn’t do the Desert Games… please no one tell me a secret :’/  It’s like being on a first date and needing to let out a fart.  You want only to do that one thing you cannot…. while sweating profusely behind your ears and neck.  Well… congratulations to these future parents!  You literally have a village behind you.

13th Of December Year 2021

5 Challenging Sets Of:
1 Front Squat + 3 Back Squats
**Aim for somewhere around/between 70-80%1RM Back Squat

4 Rounds Of Cindy
10 Snatches
***Begin light and every time you get back to the Snatches, increase the weight!

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