Announcements x3!

A couple tough days calls for a change of pace…. you guys are animals!  A good ‘ol classic “Annie” is always a good feel workout.  Reminder about our Christmas Potluck this Saturday at 5pm.  Bring your plus one aka DD.  See you all tomorrow.

Oh, I also have some super slick butter knives for sale.  They are almost too pretty to use as butter knives though.  No stain on them, just buffed and finished with mineral oil.  African Padauk, Purple Heart, and Ebony Gaboon.  I have some other items I am making I will post later this week!  I think these will make some pretty sweet Christmas gifts and you don’t have to shop around lol jk, but I will have them available if you are interested.  It’ll be bottle openers (Three different styles) and a super cool pizza cutter that I am pretty excited about.  I only have three of the pizza cutters because I had to buy the hardware for it but the wood I’m using is super cool imported from around the world!  First come first served.

I also only have 4 more spots for the 1 Year Promotion.  I am putting a small cap on this because with the increase number of member cancellations combined with this promotion will make future months difficult.  Don’t hesitate to take it though, this promotion actually helps out dramatically especially during this time of the year (kinda why it goes on right around the New Year).  See you all tomorrow!


8th Of December Year 2021

45 Sec Pull-Ups
Odd Object
12/9 Cal Bike
5 Back Squats @75% or 5 Deadlifts

Double Unders

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