Birthday Wishes!

Two cool pictures of our white board with unique workouts on it. The one above was Friday’s “From The Hat” day that just looks like mayhem!  And the second, was brosesh this Saturday.  We go pretty hard for brosesh, but this Saturday was special… we don’t normal do something this tough.  It was a GRIND!  Enough … More Birthday Wishes!

It’s Back!!

The missed, the absent, the omitted, the long awaited workout days of all workouts days.  A unique tradition here that I haven’t seen anywhere else and we’ll keep that tradition.  I’ve missed these days as we’ve came into a season that, for many reason, we’ve intentionally neglected… but, we’re on the other side of that … More It’s Back!!

Double Feature

Don’t forget to sign up for our Secret Santa Gift Exchange!  We’ll have the sign up until Saturday Dec. 7th so that I can make everyone’s card that we’ll pick from.  If you are participating we’ll be picking names from The Hat that Monday Dec 9th to give more time for your gift shopping before … More Double Feature

CFLOTW Is A Family

I appreciated my parents a little bit more last week when we put up our Christmas stuff.  My mom use to have us help put the ornaments on the tree… I took that for granted because it takes foreeeever!  I enjoyed it, but I remembered every year how they decorated our home for this season.  … More CFLOTW Is A Family

How Time Flies!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends!  Time to get back into the swing of things!  For a while anyways before the most wonderful time of the year!  I can’t believe it’s already December… How time flies! 2nd Of December Year 2019 Strength  Back Squat 2×10 2×5 2×2 Conditioning AMRAP 15 … More How Time Flies!