Birthday Wishes!


Two cool pictures of our white board with unique workouts on it. The one above was Friday’s “From The Hat” day that just looks like mayhem!  And the second, was brosesh this Saturday.  We go pretty hard for brosesh, but this Saturday was special… we don’t normal do something this tough.  It was a GRIND!  Enough so it needed a name… I call it “Lady’s Man,” you can see why with a close look.  But, the broseshers grabbed this beast by the beard!  It was one of those workouts that afterwards you tell yourself “I don’t normally have to dig that deep…. just to keep going.”  They did and did it well!  My oh my, the things the mind and body can do!  Great job this past week everyone!


Happy (belated) birthday Delilah!!  I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say, thank you for making each day a joy and leaving each day better than it was before you came in.  You are truly a special spirit.  From all the CFLOTW Fam we hope you had a great Birthday!  But why stop at a day…. Hope you have a great birthday week!!


9th Of December Year 2019

Heavy Thrusters
***Bar taken off of the rack***

6 Intervals of 2 Mins on: 1 Min off:
2 Rounds Of Cindy
Max Effort (ME) Clean and Jerks
*** Every Round Increase Weight on the Bar!!
These are example weights with a relatively similar weight increase (start light… with moderate loads from interval 2-5… then end heavy). When choosing your weights for this conditioning piece keep in mind you will have 6 different loads through its entirety, building to a relatively heavy clean and jerk after your 2 rounds of Cindy. Set up as best you can before the workout starts to use to 1 minute rest period optimally… then reek havoc on those clean and jerks for the remainder of the 2 minutes!!

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