It’s Back!!

The missed, the absent, the omitted, the long awaited workout days of all workouts days.  A unique tradition here that I haven’t seen anywhere else and we’ll keep that tradition.  I’ve missed these days as we’ve came into a season that, for many reason, we’ve intentionally neglected… but, we’re on the other side of that now and so here it is!  You pick ’em!  And at the end of the day a tone of sorts of controlled chaos is left to look at and appreciate as our fellow gym fam before us left us to see and say, “Glad I wasn’t in that class!”….. until it is our turn to choose and give the stink eye to that one individual that just HAAAAAD to choose the one thing I didn’t want coming out of the hat.  But, we’re all better for it and join together in a most comradery sort of way that in which a diamond and/or pearl is developed… under and through irritation and distress.  Deep stuff I know right!  But still true.  So, I hope to see you tomorrow and what workouts that we together bring to life.  And don’t forget to sign up for the Secret Santa Gift Exchange.  I promise not to have it full of just mine and Dizzy’s name.


From The Hat!! 

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