One Of A Kind Legend

This LEGEND of the month is far overdue…. and you will all agree with me that it is so well deserved.   John!  We all know him, we all look up to him… we all are inspired by him.  I need to make a tshirt, “When I grow up, I want to be like John!”  True story though.  This man is, to say the least, is incredible.  My family and I talk about John at our dinner table on Sunday’s.  We all see him just about everyday at the gym and at times may take for granted who is in our presence… check out his standings in this year’s Open.  He was second older registered… in the entire world!! John also knows, everything!  He can talk to you about just about anything and everything.  I’ve had so many wonderful conversations with John, and he just continues to amaze me and spill out that vast volume of knowledge.  He does his research.  He can talk about everything I’ve done in my degree and I am the one having to keep up!  He built his own house with his wife back in the east coast that some of you may have had the privilege of hearing from him, and that alone is pretty amazing.  John also, is responsible for about half our participation in this year’s Open after he encouraged our newer members to sign up and see what it is all about.  John comes to all our gatherings and celebrations that we have and loves to be part of our community… our gym fam.  He always was nationally ranked in the Triathlon world several years ago in his age group… top 5 for sure, but I want to say 3rd or 4th? This one is a huge kicker…. when John tore his patella tendon in the beginning of the year, the second day we were open ;(  he came back in to start training and working out 2 weeks after the incident… waaaay before his doctor’s cleared him for any physical activity.  John is 82 year’s old!!  And he drove himself home!  But that’s John… can’t keep him down, and can’t not move.  Here’s to John!  You inspire and amaze.  You have an impact in the facility is worth honoring.  To you John, you may think you are just John, but to us, you are by all definition…

10th Of December Year 2019

4 Sets of:
8 Bent Over Rows
15 GHD (If you can do GHD’s all day long, try them weighted)
2 Min GOAT Training

With a Partner…
Complete 300 Wallballs
***While your partner is doing their wallballs, you row your little heart out! Row, row, row your boat!
The Wallball Shots must be in UNBROKEN SETS!  So, when you drop the medicine ball your set is done and you then trade places with your partner.  Let them know what rep you are on and your partner then starts off where you left off…. continue and repeat until you both, as a team, reach 300 Reps!! 

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