CFLOTW Is A Family


I appreciated my parents a little bit more last week when we put up our Christmas stuff.  My mom use to have us help put the ornaments on the tree… I took that for granted because it takes foreeeever!  I enjoyed it, but I remembered every year how they decorated our home for this season.  Our tree is up with my favorite lights!  Go ahead and put all of my gifts under the tree… speaking of, this year we will have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange for anyone that wants to participate!  Put your name on the white board by the AD Bikes along with your FAVORITE COLOR and favorite HOBBY to provide ideas to whomever gets you.  The spending limit is 20 bucks.  We’ll draw names next Monday on the 9th, so try to make it that day and I’ll have everyone’s name in The Hat like we pick on our From The Hat days! And of course, Dizzy’s name will be in the mix.


Also, if you’d like to contribute to our Christmas tree, feel free to bring in an ornament and hang it on the tree.  I didn’t get very many ornaments to leave space for this.  Let’s fill that bad boy up!  And as a small gift to you, I have little stocking ornaments for all our gym fam with CFLOTW to hang on your Christmas tree at your home.  This is a close community and I know it’s a small gesture, but I’d like to thank all of you for making our first year amazing!  You make this gym run and keep the doors open so… Thank you!


3rd Of December Year 2019

Hang Power Cleans + Jerk
4 x (3+1)

30 Sec Row/ Assault Bike
5 Power Cleans @90% Of Strength Piece from Above
30 Sec Max Handstand Walk or Wallcrawls
8 Thrusters (approximately 60% of Power Cleans in EMOM BUT, make it easy on yourself to change out the weights from the two weights needed for this piece)
10-15 GHD’s

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