Double Feature

Don’t forget to sign up for our Secret Santa Gift Exchange!  We’ll have the sign up until Saturday Dec. 7th so that I can make everyone’s card that we’ll pick from.  If you are participating we’ll be picking names from The Hat that Monday Dec 9th to give more time for your gift shopping before we have our gift exchange.  Oh!  And please make sure to write your favorite color along with your favorite 2 hobby’s, activities, sports teams, or any other themes that may be helpful for your Secret Santa to get to know you and buy a gift!

Today’s workout is a double “WOD.”  Both are meant to be fast and intense!   Tabata’s are continuous movement at a relatively high pace…. and try your best to sustain that!  The 5 Rounder, is the type of workout that doesn’t get programmed very often.  It’s simple, and elegant, and quick…… and effective.  Go out of the gates hot of this one!  Burn it down!  Peddle to the metal!  And light your hair on fire!  Attempt the power snatches UNBROKEN for as long as possible and hope we have a good double under day.  Sometimes workouts are grand in their design, and are intricate formulated, and look cool, but this is simple.  Two movements at a relatively high intensity with minimal to no rest…. kinda like Fran.  Can you make it under 10 minutes?!  Under 8?!  How about under 7?!  We’ll see on tomorrow’s episode of don’t throw up!

4th Of December Year 2019


Tabata – Alternating
Devil’s Press
Toes To Bar

5 Rounds For Time Of:
15 Power Snatches @75/55
50 Double Unders

At least there aren’t any BUS burpees…. your welcome.

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