The Last Open Workout Of The Year… Let’s Celebrate! Shots!?

The last open workout of the Year…. Let’s celebrate! Shots!?  Wallball shots that is! Where was your mind at?? Oh yes that also reminds me of…

Another reminder that our Celebratory Open Dinner will be on Saturday at 6pm followed by game night!

20.5 catches the eye.  Muscle Ups… and not just Ring Muscle Ups, but 40 of them.  Don’t get too caught up with that number.  If you have the capacity to do a few muscle, I mentioned to a couple individuals that were at the gym as soon as we saw what it was, and I suggest spending the first few minutes trying to get as many as you can… or setting a number that you can… FRESH! If muscle Ups aren’t a movement you do in workouts, do them first, this maximizes your chances of getting some while you are fresh… AND THEN… work on completing the other two movements.  Only this creates a need, and a very important one, for the tiebreak time.  If you are able to create a tie break time… meaning finishing the 80 cals and 120 wallballs, then having established a MU earlier was crucial and having those in the bag, opposed to waiting til the end and then trying to chip through such a technical and demanding movement such as MUs under distress… and trust me…. there will be distress!  There are an infinite ways to strategize and attack this one so I can’t go over every bit of detail here, but know that for most of us, the wallball and cals on the rower will take the majority of the time domain that is given to work in.  What is cool is that if you have been trying to do this Open workouts Rx’d, and if that is truly important to you, we can perform this one Rx’d as well.  We simply start with those two movements and that will be our score.  If you should finish the row and wallballs before the time cap then we take a breather, and try our hardest and perhaps get that once in a lifetime first MU!  If not!…. We can still do this Rx’d and if we are to finish the row and wallballs that be our score we enter… done! Then if we’d like, for our own self-satisfaction and reasons, we can do some fashion of Pull-Ups until the time cap ends a more complete stimulus of the workout BUT!  Our time is entered as the standards allow with the completed row and wallballs that fits within the Rx’d parameters.  Scaling is also an option to if you want to give this workout a piece of your mind and hit it hard!  This is going to be a tough one! So… if you want to scale it so that you can stay within the parameters of the guidelines and standards of the Open requirements and have that be your score you enter getting the full feel of this workout that is an option as well.  This is super cool because it gives you a chance to strategize what you feel is best for yourself, so creating rep schemes and going back and forth about how you want to break everything down from the reps you do, to the order in which you do them as truly does matter, but that’s what is the interesting and fun part about it.  Everyone can literally have a completely different workout! As always get a hold of me tomorrow if you have any questions because I have a lot to say about this very unique and clever workout, and we can discuss how to diagnose it for you and have a plan of action come 3..2..1!

8th Of November Year 2019


This is one of those workouts that if I were to have programmed it…. our attendance would drop lol.
Partitioned in any order you see fit!
20 Minute Time Cap
40 Ring Muscle Ups
80 Calorie Row
120 Wallballs

The importance of the kip… This shows different degrees of kipping from strict to super extreme kipping action!!

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