Coats For Kids

I didn’t want to say bon voyage to the Open just yet… technically tomorrow there are a couple getting their 20.5 workout in, and the chance for any redos!! Also, I want to get into the swing of things by getting back to our beloved barbell work… and strength training! We intentionally take a step back from this during this Open season to maximize our performance potential for the events.. and unknown events make it a bit riskay to potentially compromise ourselves. So, we play it safe. BACK TO THE BAR!!

Enormous THANK YOU! To everyone that came to our “End of the Open,” celebratory dinner. It was sooooooo much fun! We have some pretty amazing chefs in our midst! Food was bomdotcom, and the company was even better! Having that environment made me want to plan more fun events and how incredibly blessed we are, but also of those that are in need, especially around this time of year…

This week I would like to try and collect as many Coats/jackets as possible. This will be our first “fundraiser” by OUR community to give to OUR community. “Coats for Kids” takes new and gently used coats for those in need. The idea is to gift out children’s coats and jackets, but adult jackets would also be greatly accepted. Go through that closet of yours and see if you have any of yours, or your children’s, old coats that haven’t been used in a couple years… we’ll take ’em! I know there are people out there that could use them. If a child was to receive a new coat this during this time of year, I know they would be THRILLED and will be all warm, inside and out! I will have a bin in the locker room next to the couch. I’d like to have the coats and jackets by Thursday, and no later than Friday morning, to deliver them Friday afternoon. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Winter is coming…

11th Of November Year 2019

4 Clusters @AHAP
2 Squat Cleans

5 Deadlifts
10 Bar-Facing Burpees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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