Oryx Games at WSMR!


After the Open there is a period where we like to get back on track of some “Normal Training.” I like this period because the awakening of the Open is fresh in our minds and burns hot in our bellies! Use that to work towards the dreaded highlights that the Open left imprinted onto us. Mine is to get my strength up that hasn’t really seen much improvement this year… and to build what we call an engine. My conditioning is poor, well where it has been, and where it should be. I was literally huffing and puffing into my FIRST round of box jumps… but I couldn’t blow the door down. My training has seen some faults that the Open was just super kind to expose, and after this mini season, giving that attention to detail is going to be an intentional priority. With that being said, don’t forget this is suppose to be fun!! Sky is having a competition November 23rd that is looking like it is not going to disappoint! I talk with her, and others that are already showing interest if not already signed up, and I get excited. Me siento muy…….. excited! That just popped into my head. You either know where that’s from or you don’t. Look up the details of this competition and ask me if you have an inch about what you could expect about participating in this event. If you are the slightest, I encourage the participation and I hope there could be a BIIIIIG group of us and show her our support from CFLOTW, Sky’s home away from home, and get to throwdown in her neck of the woods!

4th Of November Year 2019

Bench Press – 5×5
Weighted Pull-Ups – 5×5

5 Intervals of 2 Minutes on: 1 Minute off:
15/10 Pull-Ups (CTB if you can do CTB)
15 Front Squats @95/65
15/10 Burpees
Max Effort Push Press @95/65
**The Squats here are to get the blood flow up and to get moving! 20.4 pretty much just wrecked our entire body’s and CNS, so there’s not really anyway around…. buuuut there is a way to attend to it. Don’t go super heavy, but perhaps wake them up and flush them out! In with the groceries…. out with the waste, as Kelly Starrett says.

Sad news…. My sister has a puppy that unfortunately isn’t getting along with there other dog. Her name is Lucy and is a cutie pattudy sweetheart of a dog. She a gorgeous pit not even a year old that needs a good home. She is a fun and loving pup that’s great with my Goddaughter and our new addition to the family Luna. Lucy is just full of energy that little Luna and Avellana have fun with so she is a great family puppy, that energy is just not received well with her other dog so they are looking to find Lucy a good new home. If you looking for an addition to your little pack… ask about Lucy!


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