Pot Luck and Game Night Saturday Night!


One of our oldest traditions is to celebrate the ending of the Open by commemorating it with a feast! We use to get together at a restaurant, but I feel it isn’t as inclusive as with a get together at our gym. At this year’s closing of the Open I want to have a dinner pot luck at the gym. Instead of it following immediately after the workout, we’ll get to go home relax, shower and get ready to party! Dinner will be at 6pm and after game night… Saturday Night Lights! I’ve been wanting to have a gymfam game night for some time… like years actually! For those that remember Tara, she hosted a christmas party one year that was legendary. Help me remember what games she had, because it was pretty LIT, as they say. So bring your favorite dish and favorite game and get ready to party hardy! Bring your bestie, fam, whoever. Let the games begin!

P.S. Jell-O Shots welcomed 😉

6th Of November Year 2019

Split Jerk

Cal Row/Assault Bike
Toes To Bar
Cal Row/Assault Bike

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