No Hitter “From The Hat”

Reminder this Tuesday 6am class ONLY, we will be cancelled for the DASO Academy.

I hope all of you had a great weekend!  Oh how Mondays roll around!  Here is a pic of all the workouts from our “From The Hat” this past Friday.  It was wild that ever single class did Thrusters!  By the time 9:30 chose their workout, two classes picked Fran!  It was like a “No Hitter,” that they call in baseball!  Which one is your favorite.  I particularly like the 9:30am workout myself…. Brosesh was “fun,” too…. 😉


9th Of August Year 2021

Back Squats
6×3 @80-85%1RM

4 Bear Complexes @135/95
15 Kettlebell Swings @1.5 Pood
10 Burpees

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