Wood Vs. Foam

Caution on the box jumps.  The nature of the Deadlifts and Rowing will take restrict the explosive ability from your legs…. That’s also what makes speed and fast twitch training effective.  Think about Olympic lifting.  It is essentially jumping with weight.  I don’t want anyone to take a stumble on the boxes tomorrow.  So, if you’re feeling a little iffy, grab a foam box.  The foam boxes don’t only make great forts for moving nights, but to save someone from a slip up while box jumping is why I bought them.  They’ve saved numerous “Yikes,” moments already.  Just make sure to pay attention and focus on the task and hand.  Don’t look around and be distracted while performing your box jumps.  Jump high.  Clear the box.  Train hard.  Have fun.  See you all tomorrow!


11th Of August Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
12 Weighted Sit-Ups
14 PVC Abmat Sit-Ups
16 GHD’s
~2 Min GOAT Training


6 Intervals Of 2 Min On: 1 Min Off:
10 Deadlifts
150m Row
10 Box Jumps
ME Pull-Ups

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