Tailor This Workout For You, Options In Description

Read me with an Irish/Scottish accent:

Tomorrow’s workout is a version of the last workout from the CrossFit Games.  I had a request to implement this workout into our training regimen.  I figured the day before our rest day would be a good day for it!

Even though this event was after 14 grueling tests at the CrossFit Games, this workout will need scaling… whether that is reducing reps on the pull-ups or weight on the barbell.  Options can be discussed with me prior to setting up for the workout, but consider the two focuses previously mentioned.  Below, I have a couple variations with reps I think would be good goals to try and aim for, and different weights depending on your level of work capacity specifically for lunges (lunges leave you much more sore than squats… FYI) and current degree of soreness.  You can also choose some in-between goals that the two prescribed options are within this range…. meaning, it doesn’t have to be 50 Pull-Ups.  You can choose to do 60, 70, 82 or even 40.  That goes with the loads on that barbell.  The prescribed intent is to have the same weight on the bar, but if you feel like you want to get after it on the Back and Front Rack lunges, but know the Overhead will be difficult, we can either A) take weight off at that point and finish the workout at a lighter weight, or B) Choose to do these Overhead Walking Lunges with DB’s!  I really like that option (Also, lots of choices of weight in our DB’s).  If you have something we are working around, like an injury or just some nagging tweak that we have been avoiding, then we can also make some changes to accommodate those needed substitutions.  This will be dependent on the individual so we can talk about those options and choose tomorrow before the workout.  Oh yea….. you can thank Tiff for this one…. it was her… her idea…. all her….. ummmm Hi Tiff!

We have had our Legend Of The Month award absent for a good minute… I will be announcing the Month of August’s winner of this prestigious award on Friday for the “From The Hat” blog (First Friday of the Month!)

4th Of August Year 2021

Push Press or Bench Press
Complete a Set of GOAT Training between each Pressing Set (Alternate)

For Time
600m Row
50 Pull-Ups
16 Back Rack Walking Lunges @75/55 or 95/65 or 115/80
16 Front Rack Walking Lunges
16 Overhead Walking Lunges


For Time
600m Row
90 Pull-Ups
16 Back Rack Walking Lunges @135/95
16 Front Rack Walking Lunges
16 Overhead Walking Lunges

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