And Just Like That, Another Season Is Over

And before you know it, the 2021 CrossFit Games are over!  It was an incredibly fun and exciting Games to watch.  I honestly didn’t even watch any of the Olympics because I had to catch up on my Games watchin!  Watching Marrah and Blues City Athletics was just a privilege.  I looked forward to watching the Team division even more so than the individuals as my TV was saved by Caitlin when a shoe, pillow, or any near by object went hurdling towards the screen with every uncalled-for no rep that was shown!  lol.  I sure hope they got to soak up the week/weekend as they arrived in Madison up until their final event.  Super proud of you and your efforts Marrah!

My favorite CrossFit male athlete had his last year competing as Scott Panchik is retiring.  I wish he had a year on the podium… but perhaps that dream of his can live on through his younger brother Saxon.  Scott was agreeably the most underrecognized Games Athlete.  He finished in 4th place 3 times as he finished his 10th year competing at the Games with a knee injury.  Though Scott will never see this, he will be missed and I wish him an abundantly great future with his growing family.

2nd Of July Year 2021

Back Squat
5×5 @80%1RM

Row 200m
15 Toes To Bar
10 Overhead Squats @75/55 or 95/65 or 115/80

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