Legend Of The MoNTh!

We haven’t had our Legend Of The Month award for a minute.  It is due time we recognize hard work, consistency, diligence, good vibes, and passion.  I like to think this award means more so honoring the indomitable spirit that the individual brings to the gym, our community, the workouts, and to life.   This month’s Legend Of The Month is to one I have had the pleasure of getting to know and his unique optimistic energy shows a true and pure story of the heart of an athlete and leader.  This overdue award (I have a couple overdue awards in mind) goes to someone that gives and adds a certain, how you say…. jenesaisquoi, to this place.  From cracking jokes, to our occasional great conversations that tend to go in some natural flow away from its starting point, to witnessing greatness.  Jason Gleason is Lieutenant for the County Sherriff’s Dept and he strong!  He has his name down on our PR board in nearly all of the strength movements, but that’s not what I’m here to award Jason for.  I’ve wanted to award Jason for a while now because Jason is…. well…. Jason.  He’s an onion that you have to peel through layers to see the depths of mind and heart.  He’s a sharp dude.

Jason is the type of guy that you wouldn’t think would do CrossFit.  There is another Officer that he works with say that, “He would never have expected him to do CF, but because he is he was sold on it.”  Jason actually mentioned to me today telling me, “I wish I could have found this earlier in life…. I wonder how much could have changed.”  A thought many have had before.  He sees CrossFit’s potential and how one can reap the rewards of it.  I mean Jason really gets CrossFit.  We tend to kinda geek out about the training methodology and it’s uniqueness, but the breathe and depth of it I think many, especially from an outside view, miss… by a long shot…. and Jason, he gets it.  That’s how many of our conversations start, and then I just hear him word vomit things they teach in our CrossFit Level 1 and even Levels 2 seminars.  I just get excited when we talk because we’re speaking the same language.  It’s impressive, and no one taught him that.  That, he learned all on his own.  What Jason brings to his classes that he attends and to the gym for that matter is irreplaceable.  He like to challenge himself.  That’s an understatement…. he needs to challenge himself.  What I said earlier about Jason not being the type that would probably do CrossFit was a bit because he’s a big boy!  CrossFit doesn’t suit big guys like Jason very well.  I mean it not that it’s not for them, but it makes it more difficult to do many of our movements efficiently as some because its is so heavily on moving your body through empty space.  But, Jason knows the importance of that…. and being able to control that body through empty space is important and dangerous.  You get a big guy like Jason that also has the skills to back it up makes him a threat.

Jason is the kind of guy that would fight your fight for you.  I feel he would step in and handle the deusche bag that was trying to start a tussle with you at a bar.  Jason protects.  I see a tenderness to him for his little boy.  The pride of a good father for his son.  I see admirable and great qualities in Jason.  And let’s not forget he’s guy that that squatted 501lbs, “just because.”  I know it’s because Jason needs to challenge himself.  He doesn’t avoid what can’t be done today, but always sure as hell he’s going to try.  He enjoys this stuff.  Not just the getting better… everyone likes the getting better part (who wouldn’t like to wake up and just be better at pullups and snatches).  It’s the day in and day out grind he likes.  He goes after it. Jason has brought in his famer’s carry bars to have a little play time….. AFTER Brosesh!  And as much as he talks smack about what ever I put on the board, he’s one of the first ones to start setting up for, what ever is on the board.  I like that about people.

His smack talk.  Boy does that get me going…. it doesn’t end!  It just matriculates from one person to the next.  It make class fun.  Boy is that noticeable.  He lightens the mood and before you know we’re all in on what ever he’s talking about.  I love that stuff.  Not a filter on him and that’s exactly what gets me.  But, he does it in a little heartedly way that doesn’t offend.  So, I just kept writing and writing about Jason because well, there is a lot to say.  And, I hope I expressed the qualities of Jason that make him so deserving of this award:  He’s strong as #@&!, there’s a gentleness to his heart, he protects, he’s a thermostat that changes the surrounding “thermometer” atmosphere, he’s a true and true CrossFitter to the core and just gets it to a degree that many can’t and won’t, and he his relentless at challenging himself (I wish I would have talked about this one more).  Keep challenging yourself Jason.  You will only continue to keep getting better.  Congrats man, from all of CFLOTW.  You, my friend, are a true Legend!

6th Of August Year 2021

“From The Hat!”

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