Benchmark Time

9th Of February Year 2021 Strength EMOM 18 – Alternating 2 Power Clean and Jerks Hollow Holds GOAT Training Conditioning Elizabeth 21-15-9 Power Cleans @135/95 Ring Dips

From The Hat

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Officers and their families that were involves in today’s shooting, especially the two that were hit with shots and the State Police Officer that was killed.  They sign up for the job and, day in and day out, they serve and protect, and those that pay the … More From The Hat


Doing a classic “Deck Of Cards” tomorrow!  It’s been too long my dear friend…. so here we go!  Instead of running, and shuffling, in our circles we will use the machines as our “busy” work.  Choose from the Rower, which ever Bike, or even SkiErg.  I’m excited about this one.  I’ve always wanted to do … More Classic

Open 17.1

Tomorrow we will continue with our Open Workout Monday’s that we’ve been alternating with our Squat Monday’s.  With the recent years increased use of DB’s seen in the Open, and the limitless application of them, I’ve been wanting to get our hands on them more.  I feel like we use DB’s a good amount throughout … More Open 17.1