Doing a classic “Deck Of Cards” tomorrow!  It’s been too long my dear friend…. so here we go!  Instead of running, and shuffling, in our circles we will use the machines as our “busy” work.  Choose from the Rower, which ever Bike, or even SkiErg.  I’m excited about this one.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these with different movements than our normal body weight go to’s for a brosesh… but, tomorrow we’ll get it a whirl!


At the Ranch receiving my CF-Level 2 Trainer at Dave Castro’s Ranch in Aromas, Ca. after doing a team workout with Annie Sakomoto.  You ever heard of the CrossFit benchmark workout named Annie…. well it was named after her.  She and Nicole Carroll (Director of Certifications) were on all the old CF videos demoing the workouts and showing us what intensity looked like.  The team workout we did at the Ranch… we won… just thought I’d throw that in there 😉

Enjoy your Wednesday with this old school video.  This was the second series they Called “Winter Road Trip” with one of my favorites James Hobart.  They road tripped it visiting different gyms and meeting multiple celebrity type figures in the CrossFit space.  James was a Games athlete in both the team division (They won) with Mayhem and CrossFit New England (Ben Bergeron’s gym) and was actually my Flow Master when I got my Level 2 Trainer.  He is an amazing coach that I have learned from throughout the years and got to enjoy few good discussions with.  CrossFit use to be this underground “Fight Club” like thing that few people knew about, and even fewer people did.  It was an honor and a privilege to be part of this thing called CrossFit.  It was just fun to work out.  And many times we would randomly find ways to work out.  I remember a time me and a friend did some contrast therapy in the winter where we jumped in the swimming pool for a couple minutes and then immediately jumped in the jacuzzi for a few minutes for 5 Rounds just because we thought it was cool to do.  It’s fun being a part of something.  It’s even more fun to be part of something many people don’t understand or even know about… kinda like fight club!

3rd Of February Year 2021

Push Press

!!!Deck Of Cards!!!
Hearts – Burpees (Cause we ❤ Burpees) Clovers – Front Squats Spades – Dumbbell Snatches Diamonds – Medball Sit-Ups

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