And They Said It Couldn’t Be Done

The workbench is almost complete!  I’m pretty proud of this build and posted a bunch of pictures.  Caitlin said I wouldn’t be able to make this complex of a bench… but boy did I show her!  It’s made with good old fashion timber framing jointery, a very traditional way to build furniture and houses.  Not a single screw used (well expect in the apron).  I’ve never attempted anything to this extend and it tested my very being.  About every tool I own was used somewhere during the process.  I’ll have one more pic when it is complete with the vises installed, the tongue and groove shelf in place, the dog holes in the bench top and apron drilled, and of course, the finish.  I can talk for days about every little detail put into it that will never even be noticed, but that’s what make this bench so special to me.



8th Of February Year 2021

Back Squats
5×5 @80%1RM

18 Minute Time Cap
4 Rounds Of:
50 Double Unders
20 DB Walking Lunges
15 Toes To Bar
10 Devil’s Press

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