Open 17.1

Tomorrow we will continue with our Open Workout Monday’s that we’ve been alternating with our Squat Monday’s.  With the recent years increased use of DB’s seen in the Open, and the limitless application of them, I’ve been wanting to get our hands on them more.  I feel like we use DB’s a good amount throughout our seasons, but I was looking for a good Open workout with them and this one came to mind.  Though, it’s a bit tailored to our needs.  I don’t expect them to implement Muscle Ups in this Year’s Open, so we will sub them out for Chest to Bar Pull-Ups.  They did mention that Pull-Ups may come up….. but, if you want to work on MU’s, by all means go for it!  Talk to me first and we can tailor to reps to be a more appropriate number for where we’re at with them.  Also, (This one is important) instead of taping out 50ft marks on our mats, we’ll use a good ol’ rep count of 14 Steps for them.  It won’t be exact since we all have our own distance based on leg length and strength, but I actually like this better.  Enjoy!  See you all tomorrow.

1st Of February Year 2021

EMOM 20 – Alternating
Barbell Movement (You Choose)
11/9 Cal Row

Open 17.1″ish”
2 Rounds Of:
50ft (14 Steps) Dumbbell Walking Lunges @50/35
16 Toes To Bar
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans


2 Rounds Of:
50ft (14 Steps) Dumbbell Walking Lunges @50/35
16 Bar Muscle Ups (16 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups)
8 Dumbbell Power Cleans

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