Let’s Compete!

Anyone interest in some local competitions?? Me, Me!! There are a few local comps coming up that you guys are more than ready for. Sky mentioned a masters only one that looked fun and in El Paso. If any of you want to get together for that we can make that happen. I’ve always just wanted to go to a competition a be “Coach” not go as an athlete so that would be fun. Also, Border Open’s registration is open that’ll be May 4th as well as one Jerome shot out to me from the Miracle in Action Foundation on May 25th. I have the flyer below for this one. It may not be “CrossFit” cause it says a crosstraining event, but it’s for a terrific cause and will still be lots of fun! Let’s start talking and see what sparks an interest we can all participate in!


10th Of April Year 2019

Super Sets – Alternating
Bench Press
Bent Over Rows

50 Double Unders
10 Dumbbell Box Step Overs


15 Burpees
10 STOH @185/125

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