No Cherry Picking

Don’t stray from difficulty.  Get it in… get it done… and be better for it!  It’s like life… in many ways the training done within our four walls finds its way of transferring itself into our lives.  Our daily lives.  Going the storms is something I like to compare because many times when we are in the mist of the storm, that’s all we see.  But, the day is darkest before the dawn, and the storm clears, and life grows because of it.

100 Sit-Ups
80 Burpees
60 Clean and Jerks (touch and go weight is doable but we probably won’t be touch and going!)
40 Box Jumps
20 Muscle Ups

***Focus when you are on the box jumps… pay attention, don’t look around, and make sure you clear the box. It is an easy error to make with big consequences. Let’s not have any slip ups today on this one, especially coming from those clean and jerks***

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