CrossFit Is Simple… But Not Easy


Like many things in life this is simple… but not easy.  CrossFit is a blend of weight training, body weight movements that we know as gymnastic movements, and done with monostructural conditioning.  We move large loads, over long distances, quickly.  And those that do this effectively we label as being fit.  What are our abilities, and what is capable today, and now.  Simple see… but not easy.  We just have to be good at everything… will we be the best at them?  Probably not, but we won’t suck at them either though.  If we put ourselves against a weightlifter they may outlift us, but them we do some Pull-Ups, do a little rowing, and wallballs, and makes us a little workout and they won’t stand a chance against us.  If we go running with someone that trains specifically for that they will probably beat us in a 5k, 10k, etc., but do put some weight in their hands and we got them there!  I use to mention much of this in my Intro’s.  Like how a strongman may be the strongest person around, but they can’t run a mile or do a Pull-Ups, or how there are people that run 100 and sometimes 200 mile races!  But, if you put them under a barbell they will be weak as a bird.  That’s what I love about CrossFit.  It’s like the superhero of fitness.  It’s like Batman.  I’m sure Batman trains CrossFit… in the batcave… with custom bumpers and fully outfitted by Rogue.  I’m on the way for our home, our gym to be fully outfitted… little by little.  We have a couple new toys that we are just going to have to break in tomorrow!  And I had to take a picture, because there are few things that look better than a nice clean gym (I tried to get Artsy, but it’s the best I could do, should have had Lesley use her camera and capture the essence of the beauty of it all haha).  I use to hate cleaning the gym!  Everyday the bathrooms and mop.  But, Greg Glassman early on in my coaching endeavors said, “I can teach someone to train movement. You look and someone’s knees are following in so you tell them to push their knees out.  Or you see someone rounding their back picking something off the ground, and you tell them to pick their chest up… arch your back! But I can’t teach not giving a shit.  So when I see a dirty bathroom that’s what I see.  Someone that doesn’t care and I can’t help them with that.”  Well that was from memory anyways but, it’s pretty close to what he said I think.  I can go on of the things I’ve learned from what he made and produced and fought for with CrossFit but, I will leave more of that for another day.

12th Of April Year 2019

EMOM 18 – In 3 min Blocks
Block 1 (Min 0-2) 4 Squat Cleans
Block 2 (Min 3-5) 2 Squat Cleans
Block 3 (Min 6-8) 1 Squat Clean
Block 4 (Min 9-11) 4 Power Cleans
Block 5 (Min 12-14) 2 Power Cleans
Block 6 (Min 15-17) 1 Power Clean

Fight Gone Bad!!
3 Rounds for total reps in 17 mins:
1 Min Assault Bike
1 Min Burpees Box Jumps
1 Min Sumodeadlift High Pulls @75/55
1 Min Push Press @75/55
1 Min Row
1 Min Rest

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