Announcements, Positive Psychology, and Happiness


I have a few announcements so baaaaaare with me.  First off I wrote a sign up for our first annual Fam Reunion on the white board by the heater.  I got first pick at what to bring but it’s kinda my go-to.  Jot down your dish, or whatever you want to bring for this weekend.  I’m really excited and hope ALL of you can make it!  Second is the trash in the back.  You know you are getting old when you get excited about buying a trash can…. the new copper one by the water hole replaced the brown one Victoria broke.  lol sorry Vic.  So that one is now a recycling bin.  Please only cans go in there.  I know all the rockstars, monsters, bangs, teas, and all the other cans just get thrown away and at least now they’ll go to a better place.  It has a recycling sign above it so you can’t miss it… the old little trash can is next to it, so that’s where the trash goes.  And third, it isn’t actually an announcement, but the video posted.  I found Tedtalks when I was in the middle of my college years and stumbled upon some really great lectures.  This one is probably my favorite for many reasons.  I won’t get into any of those reasons because it describes much of why I do what I do, but I actually almost forgot about it.  For some reason, after years of seeing this, today it popped into my head.  I think when you do something long enough, you tend you make a circle back up the mountain and revisit the same checkpoints that made you stop for a moment or carved itself into you.  The point to note is that these checkpoint sometimes mean different things at different seasons of your life and you may even interpret them differently, and even acknowledge things that may have passed you by other times without notice. The brain is a beautiful thing…. the video is about positive psychology and how “The lens which our brain shapes the world shapes our reality, so change the lens and it’ll change our happiness and change every other outcome.”

9th Of April Year 2019

Partna’ Workout – To be clear you are basically doing half the work. Don’t freak out!!
Between you and your partner Complete the following:
100 Kettlebells Swings
100 Thrusters
100 Kness to Elbows
2 Rounds (each teammate) of 200m run by one of the team while the other completes handstand walks or guess what…. more HSPU’s!!!
100 GHD’s
100 Wallballs
100 Kettlebell Swings


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