Monday Squats

Happy belated Birthday to the big guy!  Jason you are one crazy son of a gun!  LOL!  CFLOTW wishes you had a great birthday week… because why stop at just one day!  Thanks for being you brotha.


Annnnd Happy birthday LOLA!  We all hope you had a wonderful birthday as well!  Wishing you many, many, many, MANY more!  And I hope you had all the cake… and maybe got some in your dads face!

10th Of January Year 2022

Back Squats
3×8 Tempo Squats 2020 @44-55%
3×3 @80%

For Time:
30 Ballslams
Then 3 Rounds Of:
10 Devil’s Press
50 Double Unders
Then Finish With:
30 Ballslams

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