Evening Classes Cancelled

Hey everyone.  I’m sorry to do this with such short notice, but we will be closing this afternoon.  History tends to repeat itself.  Around 10am this midmorning I blew chunks like there was no tomorrow!  It came rapidly with a stomach ache.  I feel better now with stomach aches coming and going since then, and with other “stomach symptoms.”  LOL that’s to abbreviate the code for bodily fluids and bathroom time….. uh, I think you the picture.  Well!  Don’t picture, but I think you know what I mean.  I don’t know how long the incubation period is for this stomach thing, but I don’t want you all to find out and get over a toilet Christmas Eve/Day…. just as I would want anyone else feeling ill to stay away for the safety of other and myself.  Sorry again guys.

Also, I will make another post tomorrow morning about 12 Days Of Christmas.  Hoping for the best.  Please let others know that may not catch this post.  Please and thank you!

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