12 Days Of Christmas

Well what ever this stomach bug thing is, it’s no joke, and it kept getting worse today.  Caitlin is not sick, but she is not here.  She went to Colorado to visit family for the holiday’s.  I stayed to keep the gym open and I got sick….. I haven’t been sick since tha “Fever” almost took mey 2 winters ago.  My sister said there is a nasty stomach bug going around and most of my fam has gotten it.  They didn’t get chills and a 103 fever.  My sister says it’s most likely this stomach bug, the onset was fast.  I woke up feeling completely normal and then by 8:30am I couldn’t finish my coffee and by 9:30am I emptied the cargo stored in my belly from last night’s frozen dinner.  I reached out to Victoria and she said she would be able to open the gym for the 9:30am and 4:30pm sessions.  Those are the only to times tomorrow and then we will be closed until Monday for the 9:30am class.  I really wanted to have this week of some good workouts guys.  That’s why I stayed in town this week…. I’m sorry.  But, please give Tori some love and appreciation.  If she say jump, your response should be “How high!?”  LOL just kidding…. but she is doing a huge kindness so please make it easy on her.  I know you all will and I will be there you in spirit…. you don’t want me there physically.  I even thought about going and opening the doors and leaving but I don’t know how contagious this damn thing is.  But, Tori came to my rescue! Thank you to everyone and Merry Christmas!  Ya filthy animals!  I hope everyone was good this year and gets all the fun toys and goodies they wanted and enjoys this most special time with your loved ones.  I’ll do the workout when I’m over this.

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