Friday Funday

2 more weeks to get 2 Free months off your membership in 2022.  Prepay 10 months of your current plan and don’t pay a monthly fee for 12 full months!  I sound like a commercial… kinda feel like it.  I offer this promotion once a year around this time to help finance the gym coming into the new year.  If you are interested let me know!

Also!  Here are a few of those bottle openers I mentioned last week.  There is another type coming I should have by next week along with the pizza cutters!  These took just a little longer than I expected… like a lot longer lol.  I will have the at the gym mañana.  See you all there!

17th Of December Year 2021

5 Sandbag Over the Shoulders
30 Sec Handstand Walk/Hold Practice/HSPU’s
8 Clean and Jerks @135/95
50 Sec Walking Lunges
12/9 Cal Bike

Tabata – Alternating
Goblet Squats

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