Happy Halloween And I Need 1 Female and 1 Male!

Happy Halloween!  I hope everyone had a spooky weekend with ghosts and goblins!  I thought it would be cool to do one of the events from the Rogue Invitationals that happened this weekend!  Event 5 they named Mule was a repeat workout, and with multiple appearances I thought it would be the perfect workout for us to implement this week and try!  A movement that doesn’t get programmed with probably any programming out there is Burpee Pull-Ups, so…. we’ll chalk up and see them in our workout tomorrow!  This Rogue Invitational, being a virtual competition like the Games last year, was just as exciting as the CrossFit Games.  What an event!  Rogue, the equipment sponsor for the CF Games, can put on as an extravagant and exciting competition as the infamous CrossFit Games.  It was also special to see some of the old school OG athletes that helped shape, influence, and really pioneer the sport step onto the competition field and show how the sport has evolved, but also that they STILL GOT IT!  My fav was Josh Everett!  He is actually the biggest influence and main reason why I started CrossFit and why I wanted to get more invested into it personally.  There is a lot of content out there on youtube of the events from these “Legends” as well as the incredibly talented and exciting men and women Individual’s.  They even had some Strongman competitions going on that are always entertaining to watch.  Hope you enjoyed.  See you all tomorrow and don’t eat too much of the trick or treating candy! 😉

ALSO!  We are looking for a female to participate in the Desert Games this weekend to be on Melanie and Caitlin’s team and a male to compete with Kristin in the Rx’D division.  The events are known and don’t seem too crazy nor technical.  Knowing the events now is a huge help in determining whether this competition is for you.  Please reach out to me as I will have to let the director of the Desert Games know as soon as possible.  Thanks guys and see you tomorrow!

1st Of November Year 2021

Back Squats
6×3 @80-85%1RM

Deadlifts @225/155
Burpee Pull-Ups

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