Friday Funday!

I think we had our fill of Dumbbell work for the week after Wednesday “fun.”  Here’s a little double trouble workout that is meant to be a couple of quickies back to back.  Make sure you go light to ensure they are fast and so that you can stay fast!  That’s why there is a “Strength” piece to start off our Friday Funday so that we can do the heavy stuff there!  See you all tomorrow!

29th Of October Year 2021

Your Choice of Barbell Movement!
Choice a movement and reps that will challenge you for this EMOM and take into consideration your focus on why you are choosing it
(Reps will be dependent on the movt of choice… E.g. 3-6 Bench Press vs. 1-2 Bear Complex)

Power Snatches @95/65
Box Jumps
Push Press @95/65

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