Happy Birthday ERIK!

Today a was great Partner workout…. and those Thrusters brutal!  Spicy with a capital “S!”  haha.  So, tomorrow we will jump right into our conditioning piece.  The focus is to get to the Pull-Ups and do as many reps as possible for the remaining time of the 5 min AMRAP.  Today was focused heavily on the barbell, so tomorrow, the focus is on well… everything else!  Hit this one hard and we’ll see you tomorrow!!

Oh!  And Happy Belated Birthday ERIK!  I hope you had a great vacation my friend with your other half!  CFLOTW is wishing you many many more and we hope you come back with some stories!!  40 is the new 30 btw…. 40, flirty, and thriving! 😉

27th Of October Year 2021

5 Rounds Of:
20 Wallballs
16 Dumbbell Snatches @50/35
10 Devil’s Press @50/35
50 Double Unders/ 60 Singles
ME Pull-Ups
2 Min Rest

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