Let’s Get Our Pump On!

CrossFit’s “Lift. Move. Work” online event will begin this Thursday the 21st.  It is designed for Affiliates to host the event within a normal 1 hour CF class with each component of the challenge using a 20 minute running clock.  It’s kinda like the Open, but also kinda not.  There are no Judges, like the Open, required for the certification of a submitted score but it would still be fun to have one 😉  The “Lift. Move. Work” programmed events will be our Friday’s session work load, so, if you want to register to can do so @ games.crossfit.com with your CrossFit Open login info.  If not, the workout will still be a great Friday Funday and we can still get a great workout and have fun doing it together!  I’m looking forward to it!


20th Of October Year 2021

Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk – (1+1+2)

7 Rounds Of:
7 Bench Press
17 Wallballs
30 Double Unders

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