Legend Of The Month

This month’s Legend Of The Month is going to one of the most genuinely good and true individual in our midst.  I say true because this person is honest.  He is honest with who he is and you get that when you speak to him.  I think you hear a lot about people “being who you are.”  My mom use to tell me that, “just be who you are and people will like you,” she’d say.  Well when I speak to David Carrillo I get a sense of that.  He is who he says he is… and people like that…. people gravitate to that.  David is extremely likeable and when you talk to him, you get a genuine authentic version of someone…. something I think is rare in this world.  You can shoot the bull with him and have a beer or have him tell you that you have your head up your butt.  He hasn’t told me that yet, but I feel that if it needed to be said, he’s comfortable with himself and around others to tell you.  I appreciate that in him.  I mentioned earlier our LOTM also is “good.”  A drastically overused term and phrase in our society, but one that when used correctly really illustrates an appropriate description.  I remember having a discussion with our old friend Doris about the difference between a nice guy, and a good guy.  When you say, “Oh, he’s nice,” it has a certain dullness to it.  “Nice,” just doesn’t hold much depth and breathe to it…. it’s boring.  “That gift you gave me was nice….” blah.  But, good means a whole lot more.  When a man talks about another man, and says “He’s a good man,” that’s someone that I would be proud to call a friend.  They would be someone I would be proud of… in general.  I think it may even hold greater gravity when a woman calls a man, “A good man.”  That’s what my mom calls my dad… “A good man.”  I am proud to be associated with that man.  See the difference.  David Carrillo is a good man.  David is super busy as a leader in the Centennial High School community and has had to endure tough situations working in a school during these times…. I’m gonna say it…. PARENTS!  David is a parent himself and has a couple of amazing daughters and two stand up gentlemen as sons.  He served in our military and did his part.  Thank you.  He’s always got a smile on and I enjoy watching him care for others.  He comes to the gym for health… he had some health issues that were going in the direction you don’t want them to go… but, exercise and changing his diet… a lifestyle change, fixed!  Desirae first told me that some time ago, and then on a separate occasion David told me as well… you could see a glimmer of pride when he said that.  That’s honorable to make those changes and do better and be better, for yourself, and those closest to you.  David is ambitious too.  He’s not going to settle either.  He says with conviction, “I’m gonna get those DAMN muscle ups!” or “I’m gonna climb the peg board without using my legs because using my legs.. it’s easy.”  LOL!  What!  I love that.  Things like that bring life to the class, his environment……. life.  He brings an indomitable spirit to those he talks to, what he does, and to life.  How you do anything is how you do everything.  Sooooo, congratulations David from all of CFLOTW!  You earned it and keep it up!  It’s just the beginning!

Oh! And David… I was not the only one who sees it.  Your award was suggested by another… and no, you are not related to that person 😉


5th Of October Year 2021

3 Sets Of:
Max Effort Strict Pull-Ups
10 Dumbbell Bench Press
8 Stiff Legged Deadlifts
2 Min GOAT Training

20 DB Snatches
10 Pull-Ups
20 Cal Bike
10 Pull-Ups
20 Sumodeadlift High Pulls @95/65

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