A Different Take On “From The Hat”

First Friday of the month came early this month on the 1st.  Traditionally we have “From The Hat” on the first Friday of each month, this month’s unique day will be a little different.  I would like to take a little approach and a slight creative change that I would to experiment with.  Instead of picking out of my old beat up straw hat, I’d like each class to create your own workout.  I’ll appoint one or two individuals to coordinate the workout’s structuring process while I still want everyone from each class participating by providing movements.  Movements you like, want to work one, some go-to or even non-go-to movements.  I will still be there to help the formulating of the workout, but I’d very much like to have you all kind folks to be a part of tomorrow’s workout and include this “GYMFAM” in a way we’ve never done before!  This should be fun!  See you all tomorrow!

1st Of October Year 2021

A different take on “From The Hat”

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