Call Fran For A Good Time

I have a sorta mini announcement to give…. as we begin, and have been, getting back to former lives, we will SLOWLY be going away from some of our protocols that we’ve been enforcing since we reopened from the forced closure back in March 2020.  Some things we will be keeping.  We will continue to spray the bottom of our shoes for now, as well as cleaning the equipment apart from the wooden boxes.  Cleaning the equipment will most likely be a long term thing… it’s just good etiquette and practice for a gym.  Thank you for those that wore your mask from and to your vehicles.  I know that was a rough patch.  The main thing I wanted to announce today was that there is a cart now with all the cleaning supplies (Sorry no picture).  Just take some paper towels and a spray bottle to clean your equipment just as before.  When you’re done with it, just put it back for a later use.  That simple! 🙂  Remember, we are still cleaning all our equipment that we are using, but this opens up some floor space and looks nice too.  I did say we will be moving away from some of our protocols, SLOWLY. This is just the first step of that process.  Thank you guys and get ready for a very anticipated workout tomorrow!  I’ve been wanting to do Fran for some time now.  It just always had seemed like a bad time, so, this week I figure we make time by starting out the week with it!!

12th Of July Year 2021

Back Squats
Build To A Heavy 5 Rep

Thrusters @95/65

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