Gym Life Don’t Care

I came across this video…. I don’t know how youtube knows what I like…. but it does!  It is worth the watch and fun to see all the gym stereotypes.  I enjoyed that it is a clean video to watch as well… so you can show your kids and tell them, “That’s daddy when he goes to the gym.”  So which stereotype are you?!  Do you recognized anyone?  I’m sure you’ll be able to say, “OMG that’s so__________ (fill in the blank)!”  Let me know what you thought.  I know Chad is The Screamer for sure….. and well I’d have to say I’m either The Water Guy or The Justifier.

7th Of July Year 2021

Min 1-2; 5 Cleans
Min 3-4; 4 Cleans
Min 5-6; 3 Cleans
Min 7-8; 2 Cleans
Min 9-12 Every 30sec; 1 Clean

10 Thrusters @95/65 or 135/95
20 Dumbbell Snatches
7 Thrusters
20 Pull-Ups / 7 MU’s
5 Thrusters
20 Burpees

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