Independence Day Workout!

What a workout!  This one was definitely worthy of a doozy workout!  It was great one to pay homage to the birthdate of our country through a little suffering together.  Partna’ workouts are some of my favorites for this just occasion!  Thank you for everyone that came in for today’s workout!  I wish we would have gotten a group photo… but here’s the 1776 workout (every repetition added up to 1,776 reps… and it was a partner workout so the 100’s were divided by 2, we did 50 each like the 50 states that make up our beautiful country).


6th Of July Year 2021

Back Squats
3×6 @75%1RM
3×2 @85%1RM

Ladder Increasing by 3’s
Deadlift @165/115 or 225/155
Handstand Push-Ups
***After AMRAP, Immediately into 400m Run

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