Best Wishes! :'(

6am will resume normal schedule for the next several weeks.  Thank you for being patient and understanding as we are hosting the DASO Police Academy as part of their PT training.  6am will continue until the first week of August!

We are saying goodbye, and good luck, to another member of the pack!  Emma. Robertson!  You are a special individual and I am glad you chose CFLOTW during your time in Las Cruces.  I’m excited for you to experience so many more wonderful opportunities and adventures in each chapter of your life… Las Cruces was one… Albuquerque is another…. and where that will lead you adds more to your story…. make it one that we will all want to read some day.  It is just the beginning for this young lady.  All of CFLOTW wishes you the best and all that this life has to offer.  I know you will be a terrific doctor.  Congratulations!


14th Of June Year 2021

Back Squats
5×2 @85%1RM

Buy In and Cash Out with 7 Wallcrawls!
5 Round of:
10 Deadlifts @185/125
7 Burpees

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