When In Rome

This weekend continues the road to the CrossFit Games!  I’m not sure how they will be showing these upcoming semifinals as the schedule lists that they will be online competitions, indicating that they won’t be at a large venue like the past couple weeks have been.  But boy have they been fun to see!  The field filled with talent, both new and veteran names.  I don’t think these two 17 y.o.’s that competed at the Granite Games will take Tia… I don’t think anyone will…. but, it will be exciting to see all of the finalists from each region come together at this years CrossFit Games.  I was thinking about how CrossFit would speak of the individuals that were raised doing this stuff… I often hear, “Man!  I wish I would have found this sooner.”  Well, we are seeing it!  These young ladies are representing the climb of human movement and performance, funny how that is the title of our website 🙂  What were you doing at 17 years old?  I will be keeping an eye this weekend to see if these next competitions will bring as much nail biting action!  When I was 17, I think I was finding out that you are suppose to brush your teeth in circles… not up and down.

11th Of June Year 2021

7 Minutes Of:
23 Cal Bike
23 Box Jumps
Max Effort Reps of Clusters @95/65 or 135/95

Rest 2 Minutes

7 Minutes Of:
23 Cal Row
23 Handstand Push Ups
Max Effort Reps of Clean and Jerks @135/95 or 185/125

Rest 2 Minutes

7 Minutes Of:
23 Cal Bike or Row (Your Choice)
23 Pull-Ups
Max Effort Power Cleans @185/125 or 225/155

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