Long Post But Please Read

With new gyms opening up I had to step up my game!  Lol just kidding, but I do constantly try to make improvements here.  No, we aren’t making them dollars and bills like the new future CF Games athletes will be, but I applied for a PPP government assistant program and qualified.  So, crazy fact…. last year when everything shut down these assistant programs came out.  Suppose to be for those businesses needing help.  Well, I applied and turned out I made too LITTLE income to qualify…. actually I didn’t even get to submit an application.  It didn’t seem right… it wasn’t right.  I did however get a loan… that’s what kept us afloat last year.  They opened up another run of these programs, I applied, and qualified.  I put some towards bills that needed to be paid… like needed to be paid yesterday!  And the rest towards this Rogue order.  I tell you this because of the ABC’s, “Always Be Communicating.”  I’m not a good business owner… I never said I was.  More than just probably, I shouldn’t have bought anything, but I like to improve the gym.  I need to improve it.  I asked if this would be good for the gym, and obviously the answer was yes.  BUT, with this new equipment I did have some conditions…. absolutely no dropping the 10’s and 15’s when using them alone.  Plates have an extreme shortage right now so they are difficult to come by and these were way more expensive than any other bumpers besides the competition plates.  I did restock with ordering a few sets of the Hi-Temps to use for lighter workouts but the rule still applies.   I know, I know.  Here’s Andres making more rules but, I do thank you for understanding and for your help to keep this facility with good equipment.  Oh, and one more thing.  This sounds ridiculous but these plates are bigger than the others, so when you add the Hi-Temps to them they will break.  A bar has even bent in the past because of the discrepancy.  I noticed these were significantly larger than the others today so if you can, just match up the bumpers with the same kind.  Perhaps it may even sparks some motivation for you all to get a sweet workout in kinda like getting new clothes does 🙂

4th Of June Year 2021

“From The Hat!!”

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